Items are very important in Sector Six. There's 3 main types of items:

  • Spaceship parts.
  • Alloy containers. You equip them to be able to repair your spaceship during missions.
  • Crafting items. You use them to modify spaceship parts.

Spaceship parts Edit

Spaceship parts are used to build the spaceship. Parts are randomly generated. Parts come in 6 different grades. Higher grade parts have more properties. For more information about part properties, go to spaceship building guide.

You can obtain parts by getting them from mission rewards or picking them up when they are dropped after you destroy enemy or ruin. Parts you receive are equal to level your of your ship or one level above/below your level.

Spaceship parts can be upgraded with amplifiers.

Part grades:

  • Generic - has 1 property. Color code: White.
  • Optimized - has up to 2 properties. Color code: Yellow.
  • Advanced - has up to 3 properties. Color code: Orange.
  • Fractal - has up to 4 properties. Color code: Blue.
  • Mythical - has up to 5 properties. Color code: Purple.
  • Etalon - has up to 6 properties. Color code: Red.

Possible properties:

  • X damage relay.
  • X damage node.
  • Increases maximum armour by X.
  • Increases maximum ether by X.
  • X initial ether.
  • Generates X ether on kill.
  • Generates X ether when ship is hit.
  • Generates X armour on kill.
  • +X% experience.
  • +X% reflect chance.
  • Taken damage is reduced by X%.
  • +X% ability unleash chance.
  • +X to aggression.
  • +X to resistance.
  • +X to mastery.
  • +X to capacity.
  • +X% damage.

Crafting items Edit

Crafting items are received as a difficulty reward. There are two different types of crafting items - amplifiers and modifiers. Amplifiers add an additional property to spaceship parts and modifiers change part properties or appearance.